Information for Schools

Information for Schools

Lonsdale Pool offers services to schools which include pool hire, lifeguard cover and qualified teaching as required. A school will have sole use of the pool during their session.

Our pool is a 25m pool and the dimensions are 25m x 9m x 0.9m in the shallow end to 3.25 in the deep end. We have separate changing facilities for male and female swimmers; both rooms benefit from having their own toilet and shower facilities.

At any one time we can accommodate up to 30 children in the pool. In addition with can offer the following;

– Up to 12 beginners in the shallow end of the pool

– A small group of improvers in the middle section of the pool

– A small group of advanced swimmers in the deep end of the pool

We only use fully trained and qualified teachers to run our swimming lessons, and lesson plans are taken from the A.S.A National Plan for Teaching Swimming. You can be assured that all elements of our swimming lessons cover the requirements of the National Curriculum.

We welcome staff to visit the pool, oversee a lesson and discuss any health and safety concerns they may have prior to arranging a course for their students. Our aim is to work with schools to provide the highest quality of experience as possible.

We are open throughout the full school year and will be able to accommodate your needs, all we ask is substantial notice for the dates you want to book the pool so that you are not disappointed.



Please contact us for availability of pool time and pricing for the options you require.

Pool data

Pool length: 25m
Pool width: 9m
Shallow end: 0.9m
Deep end: 3.3m
Pool area: 225m2
Movable floor: no

Pool facilities

Car park
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