Lonsdale Trust DerbyIf you have any queries about Lonsdale pool, please check our frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer here, please contact us.

Do I need to wear a swimming hat?

Babies and pre-school children don’t need to wear one but everyone else does please.  These are available to buy at the pool


Why do I need to take my shoes off at the pool?

We aim to keep the poolside and the changing rooms as clean as possible for the safety and hygiene of all pool users so ask that you remove your shoes in the entrance hall.


Can I have a shower at the pool?

There are shower facilities at Lonsdale and rinsing facilities at Gayton.Lifeguard Course


Can I leave my child at the pool whilst they have swimming lessons?

We ask that adults stay with their children during swimming lessons.


Do I need to book swimming lessons?

Yes – all adult and children’s swimming lessons need to be booked in advance and there is currently a waiting list.



Do I need to book other sessions?

You can just turn up to aqua fit, public swim and other sessions (such as parent and baby) and pay on the day.


When is the pool open to the public?

We only have set times for public swimming sessions.  Please check the timetable on the website for details.



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