It’s a family affair for the Elliott’s at Lonsdale and Gayton Pools

Elliott-familyInfant school teacher Sian Elliott had such good memories of learning to swim at Gayton Pool that she made sure that her three children followed suit when they were old enough to start lessons.

Sian, who teaches at Carlyle Infant School, was taught to swim by Lynda Mangnall, who is now the pool manager. She and her team have since taught Sian’s three children – Karis, Teja and Josiah.

Sian said: “I can remember Lynda teaching me to swim and I progressed through the stages before becoming a helper when I was about 15.

“I signed my eldest Karis up as soon as Gayton was re-built and she was in one of the first groups there before she moved to Lonsdale.  She is now at stage nine and I hope that she carries on and takes up swimming as a sport.

“My second daughter Teja started when she was three and is doing really well and my youngest Josiah started at Lonsdale recently and has taken to it really quickly.”

Sian continued that she was keen for all three children to be confident swimmers.

“Swimming is a great life skill.  It is obviously important that they are safe in the water but learning to swim properly also means that they can enjoy the pool on holiday and it really helps with self confidence on all sorts of levels.

“The standard of teaching at both Gayton and Lonsdale pools is brilliant.  Lynda in particular is a fantastic teacher.  Her firm encouragement really gets results and I hope that all of my children carry on with swimming as it keeps them active and fit.”


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